Albany State University Moves-in Students for New Academic Year

Albany State University (ASU) welcomes more than 6,000 students back to campus this week.  The eleven residence halls for campus housing are expected to be at capacity with approximately 2,400 students living on both the East and West Campuses. Freshmen visit bookstore

“The strategic focus we are placing on increasing student enrollment and retention is evident in the record number of students we are welcoming to campus this year,” said Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Terry Lindsay. “As students return to ASU, we are committed to providing a positive campus life experience, including providing a myriad of resources that will help them achieve academic excellence, while balancing their health and well-being.”

More than 1,000 incoming freshmen will reside in the residence halls for the upcoming fall semester. Many of these students will be participating in University College, ASU’s new living/learning communities program. The incoming freshmen arrive one week before classes begin to participate in RAM Success Week, a week dedicated to preparing the students for their transition to higher education.

Family Explores CampusThis year, students can expect a range of activities designed to increase campus life involvement, focusing largely on mental and physical health. Students are encouraged to be involved in campus life programs, build life-long friendships, and engage in academic activities.

The University invites the community to participate in the Ram Success Week by wearing ASU or blue and gold apparel throughout the week.

ASU is one of only three of the 26 USG institutions to have seen an increase in enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year and has seen a record number of applications for the Fall. Classes begin on Monday, August 15.

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