How To Apply

Applying for Admissions is as easy as 1-2-3!

Important Admission Deadlines for Spring

Term Full term B-Term International Dual enrollment
SPRING - Admissions (includes Transcript(s) & Test Scores), Financial Aid Nov 1  Nov 1 Oct 1 Nov 1
SPRING - Fee Payment Jan 3 Mar 4 Jan 4  
SPRING - Drop for Non-Payment Jan 5 Mar 7 Jan 11  


Important Admission Deadlines for Summer

Term Full term B-Term International Dual enrollment
SUMMER - Admissions (includes Transcript(s) & Test Scores), Financial Aid April 1 April 1 March 1 April 1
SUMMER - Fee Payment May 14 June 18 May 15  
SUMMER - Drop for Non-Payment May 17 June 21 May 22  


Important Admission Deadlines for Fall

Term Full term B-Term International Dual enrollment
FALL - Admissions (includes Transcript(s) & Test Scores), Financial Aid June 1 June 1 May 1 June 1
FALL - Fee Payment Aug 6 Oct 7 Aug 7  
FALL - Drop for Non-Payment Aug 9 Oct 8 Aug 14  

To begin your journey on becoming an ASU Golden Ram, please simultaneously complete the following steps

Step 1

You’re just a few steps away from beginning your journey to becoming an Albany State University Golden Ram! The first step in this process is to submit an online application for admission through the GA Futures portal. The list of degrees and academic areas of interest are provided on the Admissions Degree Listing Page.

Step 2

Send your official transcripts and test scores.

Step 3

Complete your FAFSA online.

Transcript Submission

Official high school transcripts can be submitted by logging into your account at or or you can contact your high school   counselor and request they send a copy of your official transcript to ASU.  If you have credits for college coursework, please request the official transcripts from,, or

To submit by mail please send to:

Albany State University
Office of Admissions
2400 Gillionville Road
Albany, GA 31707

Test Score Submission

Official SAT and/or ACT scores are not required to receive an admission decision. To send the scores electronically from the official testing centers, login to your SAT or ACT student account and request to send your  scores to ASU. You may designate ASU as a school to receive your test score results when you register for your exam(s). High school counselors, graduation coaches, or any other approved high school official may also submit an official copy of the high school standardized test score report for the student. Please note, for the scores to be considered official the test date and school seal must be included with the report.  Students MAY NOT send SAT and/or ACT score through email to ASU.


Verification of Lawful Presence

Beginning with the Fall 2011 term, USG institutions were required to verify the lawful presence of any student claiming eligibility for in-state tuition and who was enrolled for the first time at a USG institution.  Per BOR policy, a student’s eligibility for in-state tuition must be verified before that student is designated as eligible.  The following forms of documentation have been approved as sources to verify a student’s eligibility for in-state tuition:

  • An approved FAFSA form or other documentation demonstrating eligibility for federal financial aid
  • A Certified U.S. Birth Certificate showing the student was born in the U.S. or a U.S. territory (a photocopy is not acceptable)
  • A U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (USCIS form N‐550 or N‐570)
  • A U.S. Certificate of Citizenship (USCIS form N‐560 or N‐561)
  • A U.S. Certificate of Birth Abroad issued by the Department of State (DS‐350) or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS‐240)
  • A current U.S. Passport
  • A current Driver’s License issued by the State of Georgia after January 1, 2008
  • A current ID issued by the State of Georgia after January 1, 2008
  • A current military ID (service member only, not dependent)
  • A current, valid Permanent Resident Card (USCIS form I‐151 or I‐551)
  • An F, J, or M visa
  • Verification through the SAVE program

Immunization Requirements

   Immunization requirements include the following:

  1.    2-MMR or 2 Measles, 2 Mumps and 2 Rubella (not required if born before 1957)
  2.    Tetanus/diptheria booster within the past ten years
  3.    2-Varicella vaccines or the date of Chicken Pox
  4.    2-Hepatitis B (only required if 18 years of age and under)

MAIL Immunization record(s) to:  Albany State University, Office of Admissions & Recruitment, 504 College Drive, Albany, GA  31705

Application Deadlines

Please note that Albany State University recognizes a priority consideration deadline for admission. Students wishing to be fully considered for admission should submit all application materials by the priority consideration deadline dates below in order to receive full consideration for admission for their desired term of entry. Students that apply after the priority consideration deadline will be considered for admission, but will not be guaranteed acceptance to the university.

Domestic Students International Students
  • Fall semester  – June 1 
  • Spring semester  – November 1
  • Summer semester – April 1
  • Fall semester  – May 1
  • Spring semester – October 1
  • Summer semester – March 1