Outstanding Requirements

All requirements for the Commencement Ceremony, except current course work, must be completed by the deadline date. In order to participate in Commencement, a candidate:

  • Must have successfully completed all classes required for the major.
    • Any candidate with transfer, transient, CLEP, or other course work completed in previous terms that is not received by the deadline date will not be eligible for the current commencement ceremony.
  • Must have all I grades, requests for consideration under the Repeat Policy, and grade changes submitted and cleared by the deadline date.
  • Must have the minimum GPA required for the major.
  • Must have completed the Exit Examination successfully. Scores for any required examination must be on file in the Office of Academic Services and Registrar by the deadline date.
  • Meet any other requirements specified for the major. 

These rules will be enforced by the Office of the Registrar for all graduates. You will receive informational emails throughout your semester of graduation from registrar@asurams.edu. These emails will contain reminders about deadlines and your graduation status.

It is your responsibility to check your status via your ASU email account and to resolve any graduation discrepancies with your chairperson or dean. If you are not currently enrolled, please submit an updated Application for Graduation to the Office of the Registrar indicating an alternate email address.