HOPE/ZELL MILLER Scholarship inquiry for all recent 2022-2023 high school graduates:

Congratulations on your scholastic achievement!  As a 2022-2023 high school graduate, prior to HOPE/ZELL MILLER Scholarship being awarded, the high school must first report your high school completion data and GPA to Georgia Student Financial Commission.  Typically this takes place by the end of June which allows GSFC to update your record.  Once an updated record is received for all students, the HOPE Scholarship or Zell Miller Scholarship (depending on your eligibility) will be awarded for the upcoming 2023-2024 aid year.

HOPE/ZELL MILLER Scholarship inquiry for all previously eligible recipients:

Our records indicate you are a previous HOPE/ZELL MILLER Scholarship recipient.  As you may be awaiting an update to your account for aid year 2023-2024, please note all eligibility calculations are completed by Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) at each 30, 60, 90 hour checkpoints of "attempted" hours or Spring Checkpoint.  If you were determined to have eligibility for the HOPE/ZELL MILLER Scholarship at the end of spring for either checkpoint as indicated, you will continue to receive your scholarship from this program, once our office receives all updated eligibility records from GSFC.

Our goal, as the Office of Financial Aid, is to have HOPE/ZELL MILLER Scholarships awarded to your individual account, not later than August 1, 2023.  If by that date, your account has not been updated, please contact our office so that we can review your individual account.  As you access your account, you will be able to review all pending financial aid for the upcoming year.  Our office will send an update of your account to your university email account, which is our official communication stream for students.

Below you will find award amounts for 2023-2024 based on 15 credit hours:

HOPE Associates $1335.00 (adjusts when below 15 credit hours)

HOPE Bachelors $2355.00 (adjusts when below 15 credit hours)

ZELL MILLER Associates $1425.00 (adjusts when below 15 credit hours)

ZELL MILLER Bachelors $2540.00 (adjusts when below 15 credit hours)