Paraprofessionals Promoting Progression (P3)

Mission Statement

Paraprofessional Student Leaders are peer mentors/coaches who have been selected and trained to offer educational support and coaching to their peers. These services are intentionally designed to assist in the adjustment, satisfaction and persistence of students toward attainment of their educational goals.
We accomplish this work by challenging students’ ineffective attitudes, habits and behaviors, facilitating student access to resources, and empowering students to become self-directed and capable of finding their authentic self and academic success.


Peer mentors/coaches help students establish accountability; implement and practice study skills in the context of their schoolwork, access campus resources, and established effective collegiate life skills. In addition, peer mentor coaches sometime act as a “sounding board” for students to bounce their ideas off of. Some of the study skill and life skills they assist with include:
  • Time Management
  • Improved communication with professors
  • Prioritizing and Planning
  • Goal setting
  • Transition to college
  • Establishing peer networks

Who will P3 Work with as a Peer Mentor/Coach

  • Freshmen and new students
  • Students that have struggled academically their first semester at ASU
  • Students on Warning or Probation
  • Students who are returning from suspension or dismissal
  • Students who feel they need help in developing better academic and collegiate life skills in order to improve academically.