Leadership for Women


The Leadership for Women Program at ASU strives to engage people of all genders in advancing gender equity and inclusion.  To do so, the program facilitates meaningful dialogue, co-curricular learning, and skills development in the areas of feminism, advocacy, leadership, and empowerment so that students may become catalysts for a more just world. 

Student Learning Outcomes

As a result in engaging in opportunities offered by the Leadership for Women Program, students will: 

  • Develop a deeper awareness and appreciation of their own cultures, identities, and experiences and recognize how they shape our views of the world and of others; 
  • Cultivate an awareness of and appreciation for a diverse cultures, identities, and experiences to become supportive and informed allies for each other;
  • Increase one’s understanding of and ability to address microaggressions, implicit bias, and non-inclusive language;
  • Recognize and understand the individual, institutional, and structural aspects of privilege, discrimination, and oppression, including the role of intersecting identities;
  • Acquire leadership skills, particularly with regards to advocating for inclusion and equity for individuals and groups, especially those historically underrepresented, marginalized, and/or oppressed;
  • Connect curricular learning with co-curricular education, especially related to feminism, diversity, equity, and inclusion; and
  • Identify and understand how to access resources, both on and off campus, for support and advocacy.

Social justice is not merely the understanding of a need; it requires action. In order to fulfill the University’s mission and commitment to social justice; We participate in continuing education on social justice issues and we develop initiatives intended to respond to the often-repeated student query.

“So what do we do?”--Connect awareness to a plan of action.