New Student Housing Checking In


As a new student, you have many opportunities to meet new people and experience the joys of living in a community with your peers. There are so many benefits to living on campus with potentially the most important one being convenience to all the campus resources. Before you have the opportunity to learn the campus and experience campus living, we want to share a few key things to ease your entrance to campus life.

Campus Move-In Day

Every year at Move-in is an exciting time! New residents are joining the ASU community, family and friends are reuniting and our campus unites together to create an enjoyable move-in experience for you. With so many things on your list to prepare for, we want to help relieve you of move-in concerns. We value your precious time with a commitment to making your process seamless so below we have provided some important details about what you need to know. Housing and Residence Life @TheASUDistricts is here to support you so put all your worries about move-in aside and prepare for an exciting time moving in.


Move-in dates: See current academic calendar click here.


On move-in day, we encourage parents and students to verify their specific reporting location by accessing the myHousing portal to review your room/building assignment information on the Home page to help direct you in the right way, our Campus Police are stationed at checkpoints and available to answer your questions. We also maintain current rosters at each residence hall, if your reporting information is unavailable.
Once you are at your reporting location, follow the traffic control officers to park your vehicle. A staff member will be available to direct you to the check-in station located within the residence hall.

Front Desk Check-In

Once you have arrived to reporting location (Apartments, Suites, Modern, or New Modern), follow the directions provided to locate the front desk area to check in. The check-in process is online and managed through the StarRez system. Below are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Fill out and sign the roster.
  2. Use your student ID card (RamCard) to Fast check-in (required for keys)
  3. Receive your unit key or ask a staff member for unit access.
  4. Inspect room for missing or damaged items.
  5. Enter the myHousing portal to complete the electronic Room Condition Report (eRCR) form, also referred to as web Inventory Inspection form.
  6. Return all required paperwork
  7. Receive your bedroom key(s)
  8. Checkout a cart or bin

Now that everything checks out fine, it’s time to move into your “home away from home.”

Move-In Tips

  • Review our What to Bring and What Not to Bring list to make your personal belonging are comply with those approved for the residence halls.
  • Get family and friends to assist you with this process, it can be fun and exciting.
  • Move-in is also a great opportunity to build relationships with your roommate(s). You can start by helping one another during your move-in process.
  • After placing your belonging in your new living space, visit the myHousing portal to retrieve your P.O. Box information and test your combination/key. P.O. Boxes are assigned to bed space.

Making check in a fast, convenient process is one of many things we take pride in. We encourage all our residential guests to bring a small cart or hand truck to help make the process faster.
For more information, contact us at 229.430.4741 or

Door Access & Keys

Once you arrive on campus, move-in day, to acquire your room, you will be given keys for on-demand access to your new living space. Keys are issued to the person assigned to the space and should not be given to or shared with others. Keys are issued temporarily until the student contract has been terminated (either voluntarily or involuntarily).

Important: Keys lost, stolen or damaged should be reported immediately!

RamCard ID card

Your RamCard is your primary identification and authentication for access into the residence halls from the outside. Students are required to carry their RamCard at all times while on-campus. In order to get a RamCard, you must visit the ASU Card Services office located in the JC Reese Union Building, Room 107 or call to (229) 430-2905.

For problems with your RamCard, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at (229) 430-4909.

Persona or Kaba ID card

In Halls 1 - 6, a resident may require an additional card to access their room or hallways inside the building. Please check below to see what access you may need based on your building assignment.

Building(s) Card Type System
Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 3, Hall 4 Electronic card Kaba
Hall 5, Hall 6 Electronic card Persona
North, East, South Not applicable Not applicable

If you reside in Hall 5 or Hall 6, you are required to have a 4-digit pin number to access the doors within the residence hall. For your convenience, the four digit pin is created through our StarRez system as a 6 digit pin number located under the Info Center section of your myHousing Portal account home page. To use the pin number assigned to you, just use the first 4 digits of your 6-digit pin number.

Important: If you have a lost, misplaced or stolen card, you may request your pin number to be reset. Please contact your building staff to report it and place a work order. Please note that lost or stolen keys should be reported immediately and are subject to charges to the student's account.

For problems with your RamCard, please report it to your in-hall staff.


For your convenience, mailboxes may be located in your residence hall. All issuance's of mailbox access are handled through the ASU Post Office. If you have received a mailbox, you may refer (on-demand) to your mailbox and combination details that are located under the Info Center of your myHousing Portal account home page. All issues with mailboxes should be reported to the ASU Post Office.


The student's address will read as follows:

Your Name (registered name and not "nicknames '')
Albany State University
P. O. Box ----
504 College Drive
Albany. Georgia 31705-2717