Master of Business Administration



ASU MBA Program is ACBSP accredited, affordable, offered both on campus (in the evenings during weekdays) and online and can be completed in ONE Year (12 months). The MBA program’s fundamental purpose is to develop professional managers/leaders capable of making valuable contributions to the system of diversity and growth of their chosen organizations. The program’s primary geographic focus has been individuals located throughout the Albany, Georgia metropolitan area, Southwest Georgia, and the Southeastern United States. However, with distance learning and other technological advances, the ASU MBA program is now able to reach out to business professionals throughout the country and the world.

      • 1.Baccalaureate degree earned in any field from a regionally accredited college or university
        2. Submission of completed application for admission
        3. An official copy of academic transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
        4. Two letters of reference that focus on the candidate’s potential success in graduate education
        5. 1000-word statement of purpose. If English is not the applicant’s first language, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score is required and considered pursuant to the International Student requirements.

        International applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for admission to Albany State University’s Graduate Programs in Business. In addition to the standard application procedure, there are several additional steps that must be taken.

        1. Statement of Financial Responsibility

        2. Affidavit of Support

        3. TOEFL – Must be submitted unless English is the native language. Minimum scores: 500 (Paper Based Test), 173 (Computer Based Test), 61 (Internet Based Test)

        4. WES – (Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials) – Transcripts from institutions outside the United States must first be submitted to Word Education Services, Inc. for a course-by-course evaluation before being mailed to the Director of Admissions

        5. VISA / PASSPORT copy

        6. Certificate of F-1 eligibility

        7. I-20 (If you are coming from another U.S institution, A copy of your I-94 and I-20 are required) Once the applicant’s file is completed and an admission decision has been made, the International Student Coordinator will send the student an I-20 Form, enabling the student to apply for a VISA

        Regular Admission

         MBA General, MBA (Healthcare Management), MBA (Accounting); MBA (Supply Chain & Logistics Mgmt.) & MBA (Public Administration)

        Regular admission to the MBA degree program is granted to those applicants who have earned a minimum undergraduate grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale over the last 60 hours of undergraduate enrollment.

        Applicants who have completed a master’s or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university may be admitted unconditionally.  An official transcript showing completion of a master’s or higher degree will be required.

        Provisional Admission

         MBA General, MBA (Healthcare Management), MBA (Accounting); MBA (Supply Chain & Logistics Mgmt.) & MBA (Public Administration) 

        “Provisional Admission” is granted to those applicants who fail to meet the minimum 3.0 (GPA) for regular admission.  To be accepted provisionally, the applicant must have an overall *(GPA) between 2.5-2.99 on a 4.0 scale over the last 60 hours of undergraduate enrollment.

        MBA students in provisional admission status are eligible to take 9 semester hours of approved MBA graduate-level courses and must earn a minimum grade of “B” in each of their approved three initial, consecutive MBA courses, in order to be eligible for consideration for “regular admission.” 

        A grade of less than “B” in any one of these courses will result in termination from the program. (MBA courses or other graduate-level courses taken prior to being granted provisional status do not count toward fulfilling the requirement of three consecutive courses with a minimum grade of “B” in each course). Students not satisfying the conditional admission requirements will be dropped from the university for one calendar year but may apply for readmission. 

        Non-Degree Admission

        Applicants who seek only to take graduate MBA courses may be admitted in non-degree status for a maximum of nine semester hours of coursework. These courses will not count toward an MBA at ASU. The applicant must have either earned a baccalaureate degree or have senior undergraduate standing with at least a 3.0 GPA and approval of the Dean of the College of Business, Education and Professional Studies.

        A student admitted to the graduate program remains in the original academic status at the time of admission, until notified in writing by the Office of the Graduate Admissions of the approval of a change in status.

        Non-degree status allows a student to develop proficiency in a particular area of interest or to work on certifications; it is not a type of admission to the MBA Program. Students unable to do “B” work in their courses will not be allowed to continue in non-degree status.

        Transient Admission

        MBA or master students in good standing at another graduate level degree program may enroll in the ASU MBA program as a transient student. No more than nine hours of MBA coursework can be taken in transient status.

        Planned Degree Program

        Within the first semester of being admitted into “regular admission status”, the student is required to complete a planned degree program of study with the advice and approval of the MBA Director. Copies of this plan will be filed with the Graduate Admissions Office and the MBA Director’s Office. An application for graduation must be completed at least one semester prior to the anticipated semester of graduation. The original copy of the approved degree program is to be submitted with the application for graduation. The graduation application is obtained from the Office of Academic Services and Registrar.


        Upon admission to the program, each student is assigned to the MBA Director who in consultation with the student, will plan the program of studies and provide continued supervision and guidance.

        MBA Prerequisites

        All accepted MBA students with a non-business undergraduate degree or with a business degree earned more than five years prior must complete the MBA entrance exam. If an acceptable score is not reached on this exam, students are required to complete the Academic Leveling courses online.

        Academic Standing

        The College of Business, Education and Professional Studies is committed to offering a high-quality, academically rigorous graduate degree program in Business Administration. A minimum of 3.0 grade point average is required for completion of the MBA. A student who does not maintain a 3.0 GPA will be placed on scholastic warning. The Vice President of Academic Affairs will issue an official warning. A grade of “D” in any MBA course is unacceptable, and the course must be repeated.

        Scholastic Termination

        An MBA student’s enrollment will be terminated from the program for any one of the following reasons:

        - Failure to achieve a 3.0 cumulative GPA by the end of the next nine semester credit hours of enrollment immediately following scholastic warning
        - Failure to achieve a grade of “B” or better in each course for the first nine semester credit hours taken under provisional admission status
        - Earning an “F” in any graduate MBA course
        - Failure to earn a grade higher than “D” in a repeated course
        - Failure to complete and pass the MBA Capstone Project with a minimum grade of 'B'

        Credit Load

        The normal MBA course load is 6 hours per semester with full-time students taking up to 12 hours. Authorization from the Dean of the College of Business, Education and Professional Studies is required for course load above 12 semester hours.

        Time Limit for Completion of  Degree

        The maximum time allowed for the completion of the MBA degree is six (6) calendar years from admission into the program under either provisional or regular status. Students inducted into military service or subjected to other circumstances beyond their control may apply to the Dean of the College of Business, Education and Professional Studies for an extension of time.

        Transfer and Other Credit

        A total of nine semester credit hours of graduate-level work may be transferred from another accredited institution to the MBA program for the purpose of partially fulfilling requirements for the MBA degree. All transfer and other credits are subject to the following requirements:

        For graduate-level courses, only those in which a grade of “B” or better was earned and
        Course work offered for transfer credit must not have been used in fulfillment of another degree.
        Acceptance of transfer credit cannot reduce the residency requirement of 27 graduate semester credit hours.
        At the time of application, a petition for transfer credit must be filed with the MBA director along with a copy of the course description for the institution’s academic catalog.
        Graduate program required course must be less than 6 years old by the date of graduation.

         The MBA program is willing to accept 6 semester credit hours of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program completed from Albany State University as electives. The following MPA courses qualify for transfer credit towards the MBA program:

        PADM            5615               Human Capital Development: Theory and Practice
        PADM             5616               Human Capital Development & Management

        PADM            5451               Labor-Management Relations
        PADM            5551               Diversity Management in Public Organizations

        MPA courses accepted as substitutes in the MBA Program:

        PADM 5126        Organizational Theory & Bureaucratic Behavior                      3 hrs

        This course examines the evolution and development of organizational theories, forms, and practices from the factory system to the emergence of the virtual global organization. Accepted for MGMT 6110 Organizational Behavior & Effectiveness

        PADM 5321   Foundations of Healthcare Finance                3 hrs

        This course will provide a comprehensive introduction and overview of public health management and administration. Accepted for FINC 6101 Financial Management (only for MBA healthcare concentration).

        Tuition and fees are as follows:
        IN STATE TUITION FEES FOR 2021-2022 

        OUT OF STATE TUITION FEES FOR 2021-2022: 

        Tuition and Fees for the MBA program are as follows:


        On Campus (Face-to-Face) Tuition & Fees


        Semester Hours


















        Grand Total







        Online Tuition &Fees


        Semester Hours


















        Grand Total







        The Graduate School offers MBA students graduate assistantships (GA) which allow them to teach and research under a faculty supervisor. Graduate Assistantships, both teaching and research offer students a stipend of $4000 per semester. Graduate students work on campus for at least 19 hours per week and normally carry a load of 9 credit hours.

        The Graduate School also offers tuition wavers to highly qualified students, which are very competitive.

        Criteria for awarding graduate assistants and tuition wavers include undergraduate GPA scores, letters of recommendation, prior work experience, and in certain cases personal interviews.

        To apply for a Graduate Assistant position or for a tuition waver please check with the Graduate School Office (Ms. Aleikah Powell:

        Job Opportunites

        Career paths for MBA graduates are plenty and salaries are generous. Some options are

        Accounting Manager                                                                                      Business Operations Manager

        Financial Manager                                                                                           Logistics Manager

        Marketing Manager                                                                                        Human Resources Manager

        Management Consultant                                                                              Project Manager

        Medical and Health Services Manager                                                    Budget Analyst

        Health Care Center Manage                                                                        Policy Analyst

        Operations Research Analyst

        Business Operations Manager


        In addition, MBA graduate have the alternative of opting for further education by applying for a doctorate or PhD. ASU MBA graduate assistants are provided training in the areas of teaching and research under the supervision of a faculty member. MBA graduate assistants get opportunities to assist faculty in their teaching assignments and collaboratively publish research papers. Thereby paving the way towards an academic career in the future.

MBA Concentrations

  •  MBA (General) Program
    The MBA General is a 30-semester hour graduate degree program. MBA candidates have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and leadership capacity to perform effectively in complex and rapidly changing environments. They are able to develop strategies and to respond proactively to business challenges and opportunities. Graduates learn to integrate functional expertise in seamless organizations and to create pluralistic organizational cultures appropriate to the business environment. Such cultures generate the best possible solutions to problems, facilitate the development of truly innovative products and services that allow organizations to compete in global markets, and give every employee the opportunity to contribute their very best and thus promote above-average returns.

View Program Requirements for Master of Business Administration (General)

  • Master of Business Administration (Accounting)
    The MBA (Accounting) program is designed to prepare students to take the CPA examination and qualify as Certified Public Accountants upon completion of degree requirements.

View Program Requirements for Master of Business Administration (Accounting)

  • MBA (Healthcare) Program
    Master of Business Administration with a concentration in healthcare is a 33-semester hour graduate degree program. MBA (Healthcare) graduates learn to develop strategies and to respond proactively to business challenges and opportunities in the field of healthcare. They are able to integrate functional expertise in seamless organizations and to create pluralistic organizational cultures appropriate to the business environment.

View Program Requirements for Master of Business Administration (Healthcare)

  • MBA (Supply Chain & Logistics) Program
    The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain and Logistics management is a 33- semester hour graduate degree program.  On completion of this graduate degree, students gain proficiency in different aspects of supply chain management and logistics including procurement, advanced quality management and analytical sciences. This concentration proves useful for students interested in distribution, logistics and operations careers within manufacturing and service sectors and government agencies. This concentration also provides students with the opportunity to earn a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

View Program Requirements for Master of Business Administration (Supply Chain and Logistics)

  • MBA (Public Administration)
    Master of Business Administration in Public Administration program is a 30-semester hour graduate degree program.  Upon completion, students are able to develop strategies and to respond proactively to business challenges and opportunities for managers in public administrative positions. In addition to core business decision making skills, students incorporate knowledge of activities and responsibilities specific to government and related public organizations.

View Program Requirements for Master of Business Administration (Public Administration)

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MBA Graduate Faculty

Dr. Devi Dr. Devi Akella
Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management 
Bata Dr. Hatem Bata
International Business & Marketing
Sherryl Johnson Dr. Sherryl Johnson
Healthcare Management
Amaechi Dr. Amaechi Nwaokoro
Dr. Ojemakinde Dr. Abiodun Ojemakinde
Dr. Earnell Seay Dr. Earnell Seay
Nadeepa Dr. Nadeepa Wickramage
Supply Chain & Logistics Management & Quantitative Analysis 

Dr. Natalie Walker




For more information, please contact MBA Director, Dr. Devi Akella at (229) 500-2122 or